About K9 Dog Wash

When the owners of K9 Dog Wash, Lift Safe Ltd, met the manufacturers of the K9000 Self Service Dog Wash, Tru Blu, at Interzoo in Nurnberg in May 2014 a vision was devised of how to use the success in Australia and New Zealand and bring the K9000 into European markets. From this K9 Dog Wash was launched in November 2014.

Tru Blu was formed in 2005 by Tim Darmanin who previously worked in the car wash industry, identified a gap in the market and saw a need for a premium quality, economical self-serve dog wash that any dog owner could use.

Tim’s idea was to create a Self Service Dog wash that any member of the public could use using the highest quality components that would give the operator the confidence to invest at a price that was economic.

The K9000 has always used a modular design for ease of construction and repair with exceptional build quality using the highest quality of materials.

By 2014 the business served 2,000,000 dogs a year and the business had sold 1500 units.Since then through attending various exhibitions, advertising and mailshots K9 Dog wash have quickly established itself as a major player in the market. As K9 Dog Wash has developed and expanded the UK market we have seen the K9000 move into a variety of different sectors. We launched the K9000 and the company at the London Vet Show in 2014;

Since then we have attended exhibitions such as PATS for the Pet Market, GLEE for the Garden Centre Market and the Forecourt Road Show & APEA for Petrol Stations to help promote the K9000.

You can now find K9000 Self Service Dog Washes in all these markets.

As K9 Dog Wash has succeeded in installing K9000 Self Service Dog Wash Units we have continued to increase our understanding of the market and working with Tru Blu in Austalia, we have expanded the range of K9000 Units available (Link to Products Page) to fill the various niches.

Lastly, we have worked with finance companies to offer a variety of packages to match individual business requirements.

K9000 Finance Packages K9000 Finance Packages K9000 Finance Packages K9000 Finance Packages