Dog Wash Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the feedback from current operators?
    In our recent survey of selected K9000 operators they were 100% positive. Not only did the K9000 generate profit from the sales of dog washes but the results of the survey proved that dog owners visited their premises specifically to use the dog wash and when they were there they spend money on other products.
  2. As a business operator will I be able to get finance to purchase the K9000?
    Finance companies have been willing to offer loans to purchase the Dog Wash. We operate our own Revenue Share scheme. These would be subject to status.
  3. What can the K9000 bring to my business?
    33% of dog wash users visit an operator specifically to use the dog wash.
    50% of dog wash users spend £10-20 when using the dog wash.
    If you do more than 10 washes per week the K9000 will make you money.
  4. What is a typical ROI?
    This, of course, depends on the number of washes. Typically the ROI is in the region of 18 to 30 months. We have seen £1000 per month generated (Excl of VAT).
  5. Do K9000 owners receive any marketing support?
    All new operators of the K9000 are given a unique point of sale pack. A giant flag, posters, price boards, and door stickers. We also give new operators loyalty cards. K9 Dog Wash has learned many ideas about how to market the K9000 and we are happy to share these with a new operator.
  6. Do I need to buy anything extra to get me started when I agree to a contract with you?
    The K9000 comes ready to start operation. A full set of consumables is included. A set of tokens is included. All the plumbing to connect to the water systems is included. The wiring and plug are included. On-site training is included. The Point of Sale pack is included.
  7. What happens if something breaks down?
    K9 Dog Wash is part of Lift Safe Ltd. Lift Safe has a team of engineers based at our works in Oldham as well as satellite bases in Hertfordshire and Bristol. In addition, we have large warehousing facilities in Manchester and so, under the control of a dedicated Parts and Warehouse Manager and his team, we hold stocks of replacement components and parts. If the issue can be dealt with onsite then replacement parts are despatched overnight.
  8. How is the K9000 delivered?
    We have a dedicated specialist vehicle and a team of highly trained engineers who will come and connect the K9000 to the services the operator has installed. On-site training is also provided.
  9. How is the K9000 installed?
    The electrical connection is a 32 A single phase plug.
    The water is 15 mm pipe.
    The waste is 50 mm pipe.
  10. What is the expected lifespan of the K9000?
    From the experience of K9000 sales across the world, you can expect the system to still be operational for 10 years or even more.
  11. What guarantees do I get with the K9000?
    Each K9000 that is sold by K9 Dog Wash come with a 2-year Parts and Labour Warranty. An extended Service Plan is available. If the operator chooses a Revenue Share Contract then all the Parts and Servicing are covered for the duration of the contract. (As is the supply of all consumables)
  12. How long has the K9000 been manufactured for?
    Tru Blue started to build the K9000 started in 2005 in Australia. In that time Tru Blue have perfected the dog washes and developed the ideal design. K9 Dog Wash started in the UK in November 2014.
  13. Is the K9000 easy to use?
    Very. All the K9000 range is designed to be simple for the dog owner to understand. Here in the UK and Europe, the market is a lot less developed than in Australia so this has proved even more beneficial. Simple technology that is recognisable from other industries, such as car washes, means the dog owner is not intimidated. Touch screens (have you ever tried to use your phone with wet hands?) and other hard to use tech is avoided.
  14. Is the K9000 easy to operate and maintain?
    5 minutes a day is all it takes. At the end of each day a quick wash and clean of the filters. Some more time is required to ensure that the unit is ready for busy periods but as the K9000 is designed to be easy to operate with simple and reliable technology-it does not require high maintenance.
  15. Do I have to use K9000 consumables?
    The shampoos we use in the dog wash are not off the shelf products. When Shampoos and Conditioners get cold they become more viscous. This can lead to additional stress on the pumps or even blockage. We have had a company in the UK manufacture shampoo for us that will remain free-flowing even at low temperature. If you don’t use our products you will affect your warranty. (MSDS are available on all our products on request)
  16. How much does it cost to operate the K9000 Coin Operated Dog Wash?
    The costs of operating the K9000 are broken down into 2 parts; the services and the consumables. The electricity, water and sewerage costs account for about 10p per wash. The costs of the shampoo, conditioner and tub wash are about 70p per wash. A total of about 80p per wash.


  1. Is it easy to clean the K9000?
    The K9000 range is very easy to use as it has a built-in operators override key that allows staff to use the tub wash setting to clean down the K9000. The triple filtration system is easy to access, remove and clean. 5 minutes a day is all it takes.
  2. How do customers pay for their dog wash?
    The K9000 De Luxe can accept Notes, Coins and Tokens. The Standard and Mini Units accept Coins and Tokens. We have found that all the operators in the UK rely on tokens as  primary method of payment as it maximises the interaction between the dog owner and the operators’ staff and also minimises the risks of theft. The K9000 can also be set up to accept credit card payments.
  3. How much water does the K9000 use per wash?
    The K9000 uses between 10 and 12 litres per minute. On average users take around 4 minutes on the wet part of the cycle, therefore an average of 50 litres of water is used per wash.
  4. How much shampoo/conditioner/tub wash does the K9000 use per wash?
    Each 5L container provides approximately;
    Shampoo                                         100-150 Washes
    Hypo Allogenic Shampoo             350-400 Washes (De Luxe Unit Only)
    Conditioner                                     200-250 Washes
    Tub wash                                         400-450 Washes
  5. Does the K9000 need a hot water supply?
    The K9000 De Luxe and Standard Units both have built-in water heaters. The K9000 Mini Unit needs to be connected to a hot water supply.
  6. How is the K9000 connected to the water supply?
    For the K9000 De Luxe and Standard Units we require a cold water supply terminated in push-fit service valve. Our service engineer will connect your new K9000 to the cold water supply.
  7. How is the K9000 connected to the electrical supply?
    The K9000 is delivered with a 32A Single Phase Plug already attached. We require a suitable 32A Single Phase Switched Socket into which to plug the unit.
  8. How is the wastewater removed from the K9000?
    The K9000 has a triple filtration system that removes virtually all the particulate matter. The remaining liquid then goes through a “P Trap” before being discharged to the foul water waste system via a 50mm (not 2 inches) pipe. If due to the location of the foul water drain, the discharge cannot be achieved via gravity a small pump can be added. The pump runs on a 13A socket.
  9. Can the K9000 be connected to a septic tank?
    Yes. Allow for the water input of around 50L per wash. The normal concern with septic tanks is the particulate matter. The triple filtration system effectively removes around 95% of the particulate matter via gravity flow.
  10. Does the K9000 meet UK water regulations?
    Yes. We have worked closely with the UK Water Authorities. All K9000 units use WRAS approved products and installations meet the UK Water Regulations.
  11. Is the K9000 CE marked?
    Yes. The K9000 Dog Wash is manufactured to the highest standards and all the K9000 range are CE marked.
  12. Can the K9000 Standard Unit be used outside?
    Yes. Both the K9000 De Luxe and Standard Units can be used outdoors. The Standard Unit needs to be in an area that is secured or in a secured housing as it does not have the built-in security features of the De Luxe Unit. The K9000 De Luxe is designed to stand alone unsupervised.
  13. Does the K9000 have a blow dryer?
    Yes. All the K9000 Range has a warm air blow dryer. Each unit has a high and low setting. In addition, the operator can choose between a summer and winter temperature setting.



  1. Is it safe for a dog?
    Since K9000 launched the dog wash there have been no cases of any dog being injured when using the K9000. Since K9 Dog Wash was launched in 2014 we have never had any issues reported to us. There are many safety features built into the K9000. Chains to attach to the dog’s collar to hold the dog in the tub. The dog stands on a special non-slip floor. The water and air are temperature controlled.
  2. Do dogs like the K9000?
    Nearly all dogs love the warm water and the attention of their owners. Some do need a little persuasion to use the K9000 for the first time but then become regular customers. 90% of dog owners surveyed regularly used the dog wash.
  3. Do dog owners like the K9000?
    Yes. It’s simple to use. It’s clean. It’s quick. No more smelly messy bathrooms. No more sore backs. No more expensive grooming bills.

All prices stated are exclusive of VAT.