Finance Packages

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There are few products that enter any market that is truly innovative and creates a new market that has not previously existed.

The K9000 Self Service Dog Wash is one such product.

As a business person, you need to look at the best way to exploit the benefits of the K9000 for your business.

The K9000 Self Service Dog Wash offers a new revenue stream and as such brings additional profit to your business.

By being an innovative and exciting new product the K9000 will draw new customers to your premises and encourage them to increases their spending when there.

The question is;

What is the best way to finance the procurement of the K9000 Self Service Dog Wash for your business?

K9 Dog Wash has worked hard to offer as many financing options as possible to meet the needs of as many types of business as possible

Option 1             Outright Purchase

Be this as a quote for you to organise your own finance or for a cash-rich company we can quote you for the K9000 Unit for you to purchase outright. We will help you choose the K9000 model most suitable for your business, delivered directly to your premises and installed to the services provided as specified.

Each K9000 comes with a unique 2 years Parts and Labour Warranty.


Option 2             Hire Purchase (*)

A simple HP plan with repayments of up to 60 months at the end of which you own your K9000. A one month deposit then followed by another 59 monthly payments.


Option 3              Lease Hire (*)

Another simple 5-year plan. A deposit of one-month payment again followed by 59 further payments. An agreed Residual Value (RV) is placed on the contract. At the end of the term, the decision to replace the unit with a new one or purchase the unit outright is then yours. The potential tax benefits of leasing can be explained by your accountant or financial advisor but you access the K9000 as an asset without visibly borrowing money or using up your capital.


(*)  Business users only. Subject to Status.

(**) Subject to Delivery charge of £250.