The K9000 will make you money.

It will generate revenue from sales of washes to dog owners but also bring in new customers and increase the spend per customer.

From a recent survey

  • 80% own more than 1 dog
  • 33% Visit the operator just to use the dog wash
  • 75% of people use dog wash regularly
  • 85% of the users purchase other items when using the dog wash.
  • The average spend per visit is £15.00
  • 100% of users found the K9000 very easy to use.
  • 100% of users found the K9000 great value for money

The K9000;

  • The ideal new revenue Stream
  • The ideal way to increase footfall to your business
  • The ideal way to increase the spend per customer.
  • And increase customer satisfaction

Why choose the K9000 Dog Wash?

In a nutshell, the following is why more business owners and investors choose the K9000 Dog Wash.

The K9000 Dog Wash is the premium DIY dog washing machine in the UK. It delivers solid returns for business owners – from car washes to convenience stores to investors – and creates very happy pooch owners.

The secret to the K9000’s success is its ease of installation in a huge range of sites, its long-term fail-safe operation thanks to exceptional engineering and proven reliable components and its user-friendly design. Our clients keep giving us the feedback to keep the K9 DIY Dog Wash in the same format because it just keeps on working and generates an exceptional return on investment.

For your peace of mind; each new K9000 comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty.

Operators love the K9000 Dog Wash

Dog owners love the K9000 Dog Wash

At the end of the day, an investment in a K9000 Dog Wash is all about keeping your customers happy. Dog owners love the ease-of-use, the pet-friendly features and the proven performance of the K9000 – they can see that it has been designed with the dog’s comfort in mind.

Designed to be simple to use, even with wet hands.

It includes a custom-made coating on the floor that pooches’ paws prefer, a hair filtration system to keep the tub clean at all times, and a see-through front window so small dogs don’t feel claustrophobic. The extra touches like these ensure that dog owners keep coming back to the K9000 Dog Wash every time!